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Penny Graphics local web site design company are really pleased to be celebrating their one year anniversary of running as an off grid business!

For the past year they have been running their computers and laptops on green energy ... all their electrical needs are supplied by the sun and the wind. No electricity bills, no power cuts, no outages, no nuclear, no supporting big faceless corporations, no unexpected price hikes, plus a low carbon footprint!

Having set the whole system up by themselves, all of their business and home electricity requirements come from a bank of 24 solar panels, one small wind turbine and 24 very large deep cycle batteries which store the energy created by the solar panels.

As Penny from PennyGraphics says, "It was a bit of an experiment to start with, as we were not sure how many solar panels and batteries we would need and also if we would have enough power during those long dark winter days, but with a bit of careful management of our electric use during winter, everything worked out fine".

"At times it has been quite a learning curve, from sourcing the panels, controllers, cable etc. to the fixing and positioning of the panels, but it has been well worth the effort, it is such a fantastic feeling turning on a computer or charging up the electric bikes and thinking, hey this is all powered from the sun".

If you are local and interested in seeing how it was done why not contact them through their website at:

Plus now, all of PennyGraphics clients can say that their websites are created using green energy. How good is that!


Local farmer clearing the snow blocking a country lane.Unseasonal snow and high winds descended on Manche and Calvados on Monday 11th March.

Blocking the motorways and roads, closing schools, businesses and shops. Sixty thousand homes were without power and over fourteen thousand without the telephone.

Many buildings suffered structural damage, especially shops, businesses and agricultural buildings with flat roofs. With large shops such as Auchan in Cherbourg closing for safety reasons because of the w;eight of the snow on the roofs

The army and firefighters from all over Normandy was called in to help clear the RN13 north of Caen which was badly hit. Hundreds of cars were stranded, plus around one hundred lorries. Many people who were trapped in thier vehicles were evacuated  by the firemen and spent the nights from Monday through to Wednesday at  La Glacerie in Cherbourg, The road was finally cleared by Wednesday night/Thursday morning

In the countryside most of the minor roads were practically impossible to use and it was only with the help of the local farmers that some of these routes have been opened.

By Thursday morning some outlying villages in the north of the area were still isolated by the snow and an emergency helicopter was drafted in to deliver food and much needed supplies to some outlying hamlets.


Anglo Normandy Angling ClubThe Anglo Normandy Angling club was founded in 2008 and is registered in the UK, France and with the French fishing federation

Fishing one competition every month, normally on the third Sunday, we fish rivers and lakes all over Normandy.

As well as regular matches club members often organise other fishing events and social gatherings.

We were the first team to enter the Devision 2 National Championships in the UK that was not based in the UK.

In 2013 it is our intention to fish French Federation and French National qualifiers.

Any angler no matter what the ability would be welcome to join, there is no membership fee, five Euros per match goes to the club to pay for trophies and pay for club subscriptions to governing bodies.

Contact for further information -

There is new help for anyone thinking about making alterations to their property.

Newly qualified in France

Contact NormandyMagazine for more details.

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